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Apr 29, 2003


Origin: Sativa-Afghan hybrid. (Grown from the S.A.G.E. strain from TH Seeds.)


Gorgeous looking herb; super crystalled with tiny brown hairs popping up here and there. Brownish-green leaves, manicured tightly with a few broad leaves left on for protection. Snail Trailed inna different stylee: the interior of these buds are coated with a shiny, sticky, "glue" of resin: Fukn�L!


Sticking your nose in da bag is a pleasure. It's earthy and rich, followed by a wave of that typical pungent Ziekenhuis scent with a heavy cleaning product and bandages smell.


The smoke is really pine tree-solvent-chemical flavoured, much like the smell would indicate. I believe this another type best for joints or pipes as opposed to vapourisers. The herb burns so hot that it seems that the taste increases as the resin builds up. A vapo just seems to scorch the hell out of it and only releasing just the first second of flava!


This shit hits ya like: WHHHHMMMMMPPPH---BAMMM!!! Smoking this weed makes you really feel out of it!!! I fired some of it up in a spliff. You lose like 20% of your intelligence for every draw from a pure joint! I guess that means that after 5 hits, you are as smart as a tomato� No seriously, this gives a really "flashy" visual high and can make you feel a lil� dizzy if you are drinking alcohol with it.


This gear is lovely! So tasty it's crazy, and so powerful, it's taken me at least 3 tries to finish this damn review! When I smoke great herb like this, I don't wanna work; I just feel like chillin� and enjoying the world�

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Kashmir Lounge

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85
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