How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

For budding beginners, here’s the S-Guide on how to germinate cannabis seeds. Store your seeds air-tight and moist-free in your refrigerator till you’re ready to germinate.Most seeds should keep for 2-3 years. Powerful varieties and fresh seeds commonly germinate in 3-5 days. When seeds have been stored refrigerated it can take up to 7 days for them to sprout.

Soak the seed in pure distilled water for a couple hours then move to a moist tissue in a tray.


Follow these simple guidelines for a successful germination by using:


  • A dark environment and stable room temperature
  • A tray with plenty of ventilation (frequent fresh air)
  • Water (distilled if possible) for soaking and early watering
  • Tissue paper (without prints) and a saucer/tray


Important: don’t ever use fertilizers or root stimulants while germinating and moisten the tissue paper, never soak it with too much water.


Patience Budding Beginner! Check on your seeds frequently, as you should never let them dry out. Spray luke-warm distilled water on them as often as necessary to keep them moist. Your reward? A tiny white root breaking through the seed shell! From here you wait until the root is about 3 cm long before you give them their first taste of soil if you are growing them bio style. For more details on different growing mediums, see the article on page 112 of the Smokers Guide.


Now that the root is the right length, you should gently stick it in the soil with the root down, so that the nut shell is level with the soil surface. Cover it slightly with soil, leaving a small ‘pocket’ of air for the seed to breathe. Fluorescent light or even indirect daylight is strong enough for the seeds to become a small plant. From there on, it’s pretty hard to kill a weed!