Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does Smokers Guide accept money for reviews?

NO. We accept money for advertising, but our reviews are completely independent. In most cases they are sent in by reviewers, other times by moderators and the occasional secret mystery shopper. <>


What criteria do we apply to products and services that we feature?

As a "guide" we strive to offer the best advice and give the most options to a very wide audience. This is not an easy thing to do with so many varied opinions and needs represented by our readers.

Every business we work with must be special or leading the pack in some way. See this page for more details on our criteria.



  • Smokers Guide to Amsterdam.
  • An A6 full-colour, glossy cover, coffee table book. Written with a humorous and light-reading style to publicize all the best services and products that Amsterdam has to offer.
  • An affordable guide offered in English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and soon in Russian.
  • Featuring full size advertisements and artwork, tips, tricks, reviews, maps and comprehensive listings (Indexes).

1. Coffeeshops
2. Smart Shops
3. Hemp & Homegrow
4. Smoker Friendly Pubs & Clubs
5. Smoker Friendly Restaurants
6. Smoker Friendly Hotels
7. BushDoc Reviews
8. BushDoc Talks Shit


  • The Smokers Guide book is issued every year.
  • The first issue of the Smokers Guide was released in 1996.
  • We are currently featuring our 20th edition!


  • Amsterdam
  • Haarlem 
  • Den Haag (2014)


  • Because we have learned that many “gems” are easily missed.
  • Because many people do not even realize what is “out there”, or are confused as to what certain businesses have to offer.
  • Because the only similar guides on the market are too alternative, poorly made, or simply too expensive.


  • Smokers Guides can bve found in over 400 shops around the world.
  • We are also available via these online shops:
  • Our website, features the latest additions and updated topics, news and exciting break-through’s in the industry.

We hope you enjoy The Smokers Guide as much as we do. :)