Will FDA's Call for Banning E-Cigarette Affect CBD Oil Vaping?

Food and Drug Administration placed raised a concern regarding the e-cigarette ban. This order will be put to effect, which results in a vaping ban. Vape has become one of the invented substitutes for tobacco smoking.

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In the early years, several people patronized the usage of e-cigarette. Most of them are convinced that using this invention won't lead to addiction or health complications. But, as some pieces of research discovered, e-cigarette containing tobacco and nicotine also may lead to the said matter. With this current situation, it also questions the existence of CBD oil vaping readily available in the market.


The FDA's ban on E-cigarettes

The E-cigarette is an electronic device invented as a substitute for tobacco smoking. It heats a flavored liquid that produces aerosol. There are several versions of this device, some of which functions through the use of a battery. This battery is the one that heats the mentioned liquid.


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Here are some of vaping devices released in the market:

FDA's mandatory law is in execution. This situation only means that one should not use vape containing nicotine and tobacco liquid. Cartridges that may contain such flavors are subjected to a ban as it may likely promote ENDS. Moreover, flavored products like vapes are more likely to be appealing to minors nowadays. Due to that, it makes more sense to end this kind of discussion.

The banning of vape containing the mentioned cartridge is the primary step applied by the FDA. Several cases about lung diseases arose when the use of e-cigarettes began. Although usage of vape stands for a positive awareness, unfortunately, it leads to another material for its users to contract lung illnesses. A solution hoped to be an excellent choice for a substitute, lead to open a severe matter.


How the ban means to CBD oil vaping

Meanwhile, another discussion arises as the e-cigarette ban becomes effective. Vape infused with CBD oil is one of the products being questioned whether or not it is also covered along with other vape products to be banned. If that's the case, the sales of this type of device will also be affected.

Although that's the case, the FDA seems to be not kin in addressing this matter as they won't broadly interpret tobacco products. That leads to the understanding of product free of nicotine and tobacco is not part of the ban. In short, selected e-cigarette products not containing the said substance will still be available.

Various CBD forms, such as CBD oils, will still be available in the long run. Of course, as it is not broadly identified as a threat to its users in terms of one's lung health. Plus, it is a natural substance extracted from hemp plants, an active component to help provide ease to people—a so-called remedy for treating illnesses related to one's psycho activities, as explained in this in-depth guide.

But, of course, there are several points to consider with this vaping ban. Here are some of the known conditions that fall under the CBD vaping ban.



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A. CBD vaping products containing nicotine

As mentioned earlier, products that promote Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) covers those that should be part of the ban. With the recent events, the FDA collated several data that show cases of lung cancer due to exposure to nicotine. These cases are due to the usage of the mentioned tobacco products. CBD infused vape that contains nicotine is not exempted from the rule. That's why, in this circumstance, the banning of CBD infused vape is probable and possible.


B. CBD vaping products that promoted ENDS to minors

On the other hand, CBD infused vaping products will also be subject to being banned for this reason. Marketing ENDS to minors is a risky move. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, which is why it is dangerous for kids to up to young adults to be exposed to it. In addition, some e-cigarettes contain other substances that are harmful when exposed to anyone, especially to minors. With this condition, of course, CBD products such as these are a subject for banning as well.



FDA's action to resolve the issue of the rampant lung illnesses through banning e-cigarettes is a giant leap. Several vaping retail stores will be significantly affected by this change. Some vaping outlets, such as CBD infused vaping products, may or may not be part of this rule. But, of course, this action is for a great cause. It promotes to lessen the promotion of ENDS and increase awareness of its health risks to the users of tobacco products such as vape.






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