Coffeeshop Etiquette

Things you should know before entering an Amsterdam coffeeshop!




  • Bring an ID card and ask to see a smokers menu, if there isn’t one displayed for you.
  • Look (don’t touch) at the sample and the price per gram carefully before ordering.
  • Ask any questions about the various strengths of the different types offered.
  • Be prepared to leave a deposit if you borrow a bong/pipe or vaporizer from the bar.
  • Leave a tip for the bar person if they’re helpful and friendly.



  • “Camp Out” in a shop unless you are buying gear and/or lots of drinks and food. (one cola is not enough to warrant sitting in a shop for two hours while you wait for a train!)
  • Handle the weed/hash sample unless you ask first.
  • Take photos or videos unless you ask the management AND the patrons first. (Some people can get quite angry if they’re included in your shots.)
  • Enter if you are with anyone younger than 18, expect alcohol to be served in shops, or ask the staff for hard drugs (or bring any with you), cos they are completely illegal.
  • Be loud and obnoxious; coffeeshops are NOT bars!
  • Use tobacco to roll in your joint, enless the shop has a designated smoking area or an outdoor space. Tobacco laws have changed in Amsterdam, and you are no longer allowed to smoke it, unless there is a special area with separate ventilation.


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