The Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD

What exactly is CBD? - Thanks for asking, that’s what we’re here to answer! These days it’s as though everywhere you look, a brand new CBD product has shown up on shelves. With its growing market presence, learning how to work CBD into your routine and understanding what its properties and benefits are has become so important!


Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is one of the many cannabinoids that is part of the cannabis family. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD’s close relative, is most known for the psychoactive element it contributes in marijuana. It is important to know though that CBD, while related to THC, provides the transverse effect to your body. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that CBD and products containing it do not have strong impacts on cognitive brain activity. They do not cause the “high” that is typically associated with marijuana and its effects.

Despite most people knowing only of the cannabinoids CBD and THC, there are a multitude of various types found in the cannabis plant. In recent times there have been ample resources allocated towards the study of these cannabinoidal compounds, so that researchers can collect data around the benefits of and how to best use the compounds.

There has also been additional research conducted around how our brains receive and react to cannabinoids. There are studies that show there are specific receptors in our brain, known as CB1 and CB2, that are responsible for the absorption of cannabinoid molecules. This absorption into our system then results in the psychoactive and immune responses connected with the consumption of cannabis.


Water-Soluble CBD, what is it?

Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard the expression, “water and oil don’t mix,”. This rule also applies to CBD oil. Because the human body is made of mostly water, we are unable to effectively absorb CBD in its natural oil state when consumed. Don’t worry though, scientists found an easy and effective solution to this problem by converting naturally oil-soluble CBD extract into a water-soluble form. The process has been perfected through diligent work to make water-soluble CBD a possibility. In finding this practical solution, they changed the industry.

Water-soluble, in reference to a specific substance, means that it can be dissolved in water. Because our bodies consist of up to 60% water, and knowing that CBD provides a multitude of possible benefits, it was only natural to create a CBD product that interacts in harmony with our body’s natural composition.

The fact that the human body is made mostly of water affects the bioavailability of CBD when it is consumed. Bioavailability is defined as “the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of interaction.”

Early studies conducted of oil-soluble CBD, lead researchers to discover that the bioavailability of CBD presented itself in amounts as low as 4%. What this means is that up to 96% of the CBD consumed through oil-soluble products was not lending any effects to the body. These initial results led researchers to the creative solution of water-soluble CBD. Using a base like water that works in conjunction with your body, gives you the full effect of the powerful components of CBD.


What are the Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD?

The process used to create water-soluble CBD is known as nanotechnology and it works by enabling extractors to unlock the smallest nanoparticles of CBD, then direct them into your body. Because of the polarizing properties of oil and water, oil-soluble CBD products have to work overtime to travel through your body, while water-soluble CBD products permeate the bloodstream directly by way of the small intestine. Water-soluble products’ high bioavailability is to thank for this rapid absorption, making the effects almost immediate.

It’s crucial to understand that when CBD extract is in oil form, it is too large to pass through your gut lining. It cannot enter your systemic circulation without being broken down by enzymes and then passed to your liver for processing. However, by converting the oil to a water-soluble base, it is able to break down into micro-sized pieces.

This conversion process of oil-soluble to water-soluble allows the extract to overcome the first-pass effect. This effect is a physiological phenomenon in drug and plant extract delivery science where concentration of the compound is greatly reduced before it reaches the systemic circulation. By overcoming this reduction of the compound, it allows for consumption of the CBD without sacrificing the product’s bioavailability.


A few more benefits of water-soluble CBD products include:

● Win-Win: increase in effectiveness and decrease in waste — Higher bioavailability means that more of the product is actively put to use because less of the product is wasted when it is ingested.


● More rapid onset — Absorption of water-soluble products into the body is extremely quick, so they take less time to become active when compared against oil-based counterparts.


● Varying different uses — Because of the tireless dedication of scientists and researchers in the industry, water-soluble CBD has opened the door to endless uses. Emulsions are allowing cannabis to be mixed into various products like water-based drinks and beverages, making their future very bright!


● Increased value — You could need less product for the same results, depending on how you use your water-soluble product. There is a potential for the bioavailability to increase upwards of 500%, making your product last longer.


Why Is This Important?

In the simplest of terms, water-soluble products typically mean that you get more value for your dollar. It is ultimately up to you and your preferences as the consumer, when deciding between water-soluble products or CBD oil products. The important thing to remember when choosing which type is best for you ultimately lives in your “why” for using a CBD product.

Would you rather consume CBD orally, or would rather incorporate a topical product into your self-care routine? If your preference is for orally consuming a product, a water-soluble CBD product is probably the best choice because there is no denying that water-soluble CBD is more easily absorbed by the body. Ultimately resulting in a large range of benefits, with an even wider range of consumption method options!

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