Ethnic Restaurants In Amsterdam - Chinese, Surinamese, Turkish...

Looking for a restaurant? Argentinian, Ethiopian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Spanish, Thai and much will find it all here in Amsterdam!


Ethnic Amsterdam


In the last 50 years, traditional Dutch cuisine has become more of a refelection of the former colonies and the newer more recently arrived immigrants than ever before. Many dishes have been “toned down” to suit Dutch palates but you can always ask for spicy!


Try these Smokers Guide favorites:



Try “A-Fusion” or “NamKee” on Zeedijk.

There are MANY great Chinese restaurants to be found in and around the Zeedijk / Nieuwmarkt area. Indonesian (“Kartika” on the Overtoom is quality.) You can’t miss rijsttafel or “rice table” which is a huge sampling of smaller portions of coconut beef, spicy-soya, chicken, curry veggies, garlic fish stews, saté skewers, and much much more. Munch out!



Give “Hot or Not” a try.

Surinam, the Antilles and other Carribean lands draw on a mix of African, Indian and Chinese ingredients for a gorgeous combo of spicy yet delicate flavours. For lunch we recommend sharing sandwiches with different fillings to get a nice intro of the dishes.



“Divan” on the Elandsgracht is a good call.

The specialty “tavuk sis” is a chicken kebab marinated in strong spices. Pita breads and hummous...


 To find some of our favorites take a look at our Munchies Business Listings.

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