After A Good Smoke, Get Some Good Grub! The Best Stoner Food In Amsterdam

Finding the most healthy food and the best Amsterdam restaurants is more difficult than you would think. There are normally about 100 crappy rip-off places to every good value for money restaurant.

Stoners in Amsterdam can find some nice munchies if you know where to look.

You can find all kinds of great food if you can avoid the temptations of all of the crap snack bars and fast food joints around Amsterdam.

Finding Tasty Healthy Food

As a tourist walking around the crazy streets of Amsterdam, it is easy to fall into the tourist food traps that serve up aging, frozen and preservative-filled food. That is why we have created a section called Munchies; to list the restaurants and cafes that are proud of their food and can be trusted by tourists and locals alike.


Avoid the Crap

For starters, you want to make sure that the places you choose do not display all of their wares directly in the window... NOT a good sign!

Generally speaking, do not eat at places that are in very touristy areas, and look out for most places on the main squares as they tend to be low in nutritional value and high in cost.


How Can a Tourist Stand a Chance?

Use your senses, even though that may be difficult if you are stoned off of your face! Look fo restaurants that advertise fresh or "bio" products, and look for places that have a lot of locals. If a restarant has a Smokers Guide Profile, it means they are definitely doing something right, and you should give them a go!