Eat & Vape at Green House Kitchen Organic Restaurant

As all cannabis lovers know, there's almost nothing better than the taste of food after consuming cannabis. Green House Kitchen takes this idea to the next level.

The Green House Kitchen concept is "responsible eating, drinking and smoking". This manifests itself as high quality organic food, alongside vaporizers filled with aromatic herbs, including peppermint, cannabis and lime leaf. 

The experience allows you to really experience and mix various potent aromatic flavors. It's very much like molecular gastromy but with terpene and cannabinoid vapor. The chefs suggest various food and vapor combinations such as mixing the flavors of passionflower with crab, Super Lemon Haze with salmon or Lavender Kush with chocolate fudge.

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The complex varieties of the terpene profiles in the cannabis plant gives an endless range of flavors that can be paired with food, much like with wine. All diets are catered for including vegan, paleo and gluten free.

The Green House Kitchen isn't just a bar or restaurant that allows cannabis use, it's one that seems to seek to change the mindset of fine diners to introduce a new range of flavors into their palete; those of cannabis!


Find out more about the Green House Kitchen on their profile page. All of the vaporizers at the Green House Kitchen are provided by VapoShop, you can visit their profile page to learn more about them!