• Amsterdam Street Party! UEFA Cup Final - Ajax vs Manchester United Events

    Amsterdam Street Party! UEFA Cup Final - Ajax vs Manchester United

    Football fans crowded into Amsterdam for the 2016/17 UEFA Europa League final between Ajax and Manchester United. Amsterdam is normally known for its party vibe and atmosphere, but this was something a bit different! Approximately 120,000 people...
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  • Medical Cannabis & The Opiate Epidemic:...

    Attitudes towards the medicinal use of cannabis are definitely changing; the CannMed 2017 Conference was a great example of this. Harvard Medical School’s Joseph B. Martin Conference...

  • Don't Smoke, Vaporize

    Is vaporizing better than smoking? Heck yeah! Without a doubt! How do you find the best vaporizer for you? What are the costs, and what's the variety?

  • Caffeine Can Cause Death; Cannabis...

    In a shocking story a healthy teenager in the US state of South Carolina has died from caffeine intake. The 16 year old Davis Allen Cripe collapsed on April 26th 2017 at Spring Hill High...

  • Weed Won the Election, But a War to...

    In the days following election night 2016 the online cannabis community was a buzz with elated headlines like, “Marijuana Wins Big on Election Night!” and “First Bible Belt State...

  • The Long Slow Road to Cannabis...

    Our brightest stop yet on the long slow road to recreational legalization in Canada! Legal weed is coming to Canada and its shape is becoming clearer through the haze of uncertainty.


BUY THE BOOK ! Smokers Guide to Amsterdam Points of Sale

If you've been planning a trip to Amsterdam you may be wondering "Where can I buy a Smokers Guide book?" This list will let you know all the cool places in the city you can pick up a Smokers Guide to Amsterdam 20th Edition book from. Let me see

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