While medicinal marijuana is proving to be beneficial for many types of cancer, and often more widely available in more and more countries, Poland seems to be stuck in the stone ages. Currently, the founder of Polish Free Hemp Society if fighting for his freedom after treating family and friends with medical marijuana.


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Here is the English language version of his statement:


Hello, My name is Gajewski Jakub, i am co-founder of Wolne Konopie (Free Hemp Society). For 15 years we try to educate our society about cannabis legalization in Poland. In our association i am in charge of medical use of cannabis especially oil made from flowers and leaves of cannabis. Due to a recent cancer case in my family i decided to import cannabis oil (RSO) from Holland and try to treat my mother and father with it.

After a successful treatment of my mother – melanoma changes, i tried oil on my best friend who is ill with glioblastoma Grade IV. My friend has no chance as doctors said he was a palliative patient. After 9 months of treatment his cancer disapeared! and the only thing left is a empty space where the cancer used to be, so the cancer gradually got smaller every day. Around the same time i got in contact with Adam Wierzba – a patient with anaplastic lymphoma (lymph nodes was attacked by cancer). Adam break his chemotherapy because of bad comfort. After cannabis oil treatment and diet change in 112 days Adam got fully cured with the help of the oil alone. My history is complicated this days because when i tried to import oil i got caught and accused for importing illegal substance (oil amount 0.9L) to Poland.


I’ve got charged for importing drugs to Poland and i can go to prison for 3 – 15 years. They called me a criminal with punishment such as for murder. I am still waiting for the hearing in court and so on. The only positive aspect about this situation (when they arrested me) is the rumour that came out in our country. Many doors suddenly opened for us – the public opinion in society about the use of medical cannabis or essence for treatment of the ill started to change and people have started to realize the possibilities for medical use of these substances . There is Unfortunately not any medical specialists (Doctors) in Poland whom can confirm my knowledge and medical properties of cannabis oil. That’s why im now asking for help from people around the whole world (scientist / doctors and anybody who can help…).


I need reliable opinions about effectiveness of cannabis treatment. I am asking not only for help for me personally but actually i am a voice of our patients who die because of Polish law. We really need all the help we can get – can i ask for Your help also? We will be honored to ask You to get involved in a seminar and debate we prepare in Poland. I would like to invite You for a meeting with polish specialists and doctors to open their eyes that cure for many deadly diseases is possible with these kinds of substances. Our goal is to collect all reliable sources and information about mediacal cannabis connected with cancer treatment and so on. All data and support we get we want send to our prime minister (which actually is a doctor) – to prove that people in Poland have a chance for a normal life. If there is such possibility i would also ask for Your opinion in court that medical cannabis is a real effective cure.


Many thanks for Your time.


Best regards,


[email protected]


This letter is reprinted from the author's website Wolne Konopie.