• Beaches in Amsterdam - Sun, Sea and Spliff Stuff We Like

    Beaches in Amsterdam - Sun, Sea and Spliff

    It may not be the Bahamas but the coffeeshops are closer! When the sun is shining theres no better place to be than on one of the Amsterdam´s many urban beaches with a nice fat joint, a drink or both!
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  • How To Make Andrew Pyrah's Pumpkin Bong

    The "Martha Stewart of Mary Jane" may not be how we'd describe him, but one thing is true; Andrew Pyrah knows his way around a bong. His "Halloweed - How To Make A Pumpkin Bong" video even...

  • Chalice Cup San Bernardino / Los...

    One of the year's premiere cannabis lifestyle events, Chalice combines art, music and weed! Smokers Guide has covered some great events over the years and this one should be one to remember!

  • E-Cigs – The Best Side of...

    Electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, e-liquid, vaping – it’s all gaining popularity but what exactly is an e-cig? Is it safer than smoking tobacco? We take a look at the basics of e-cigs to...

  • Cannabis Shops & Coffeeshops in Haarlem

    Haarlem has a great selection of coffeeshops that even many Amsterdam coffeeshop veterans don't know about. A visit to Haarlem, and a coffeeshop or two there is a great new experience for...


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  • Marc Emery loves the Smokers Guide
    Marc Emery loves the Smokers Guide

    ...and we love him!

  • Champs, Las Vegas 2015
    Champs, Las Vegas 2015

  • Greenwolf & co Giving Away a SmartCar!
    Greenwolf & co Giving Away a SmartCar!

    Cannabis Cup hits the Bay Area....

  • German glass-tech!
    German glass-tech!

    See RooR shop

  • Win Free SG Gear!
    Win Free SG Gear!

    These two lucky women were spotted using our book and were given 2 dope t-shirts right on the spot. Do it!