•  Top 8 Travel Destinations That Every Cannabis Lover Must Visit Stuff We Like

    Top 8 Travel Destinations That Every Cannabis Lover Must Visit

    If someone asks you about two of your favorite things to do in the world, the chances are that the answer would be traveling and cannabis. Wouldn't it be sheer perfection if you can bring both of these favorites together? We can see you nodding your...
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  • AmsterGang - International b-boys...

    Amsterdam is pricey. From travel and accommodations, to food and museum tickets - nothing comes for free. Or does it?

  • Cannabis Shops & Coffeeshops in Haarlem

    Haarlem has a great selection of coffeeshops that even many Amsterdam coffeeshop veterans don't know about. A visit to Haarlem, and a coffeeshop or two there is a great new experience for...

  • Terpene-infused Wine: Les Quatre Vins...

    In the cannabis industry there are so many similar products, so we really love it when something new and unique comes out. When they do it twice, well that’s just impressive, especially...

  • Don't Smoke, Vaporize

    Is vaporizing better than smoking? Heck yeah! Without a doubt! How do you find the best vaporizer for you? What are the costs, and what's the variety?

  • Beaches in Amsterdam - Sun, Sea and...

    It may not be the Bahamas but there are coffeeshop and cold beer! When the sun is shining theres no better place to be than on one of the Amsterdam´s many urban beaches with a nice fat...

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  • How long does vape juice last?

    The rising popularity of vaping culture has taken the world by storm. While many people are replacing their cigarettes with vape pens to make a holistic lifestyle change, others use it for recreational purposes. Today, vaping is a multi-million dollar industry and is rapidly growing every day.
  • Amazing Facts about Improving Your Sleeping Quality

    A proper quantity and quality of sleep are crucial for human functioning. It stimulates body regeneration, calms all the sore muscles, relaxes the mind, and helps keep a life balance. A good night's sleep is a must for every human being to survive.
  • Coffee and Vaping: A Flavour matching guide

    Nothing can get us on our feet better than a cup of morning coffee- the strong aroma, the feel of the warm cup, the tickling taste, and a brown liquid is a feast to our eyes.

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    New Vape Reviews

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