Denver Initiative 300 Passes! Cannabis cafes coming to Colorado!

Initiative 300 has now officially passed with 53.4% of Denver voters approving the creation of the 4-year pilot program that will allow businesses to seek permits that allow for cannabis consumption areas on their property.

Immediately after 300 passed, discussions regarding implementation began. In the coming months, city officials will be tasked with various legalities - like Colorado’s Clean Air Act - that will help give cannabis consumers a clearer picture of what Initiative 300 will look like in practice. Businesses could begin applying for permits as soon as January 2017 but it’s unclear when said permits would be issued.

At present, it’s illegal to consume cannabis in public spaces and in theory Initiative 300 will cut down on consumption in truly public spaces - like the streets or parks where children are present - and give both visitors to Denver and residents whose landlords forbid it a safe, legal place to consume. This will be the closest you can get in the USA to an Amsterdam style coffeeshop!