Closed Amsterdam Coffeeshops to Reopen!

Thankfully Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan has come to his senses and will allow the coffeeshops closed after being victims of shootings to reopen!


The following shops will be allowed to reopen:

  • De Kroon on Rietwijkerstraat (Closed January 2016)
  • DNA on Achillesstraat, (Closed September 2016)
  • The Green Place on Kloveniersburgwal (Closed September 2016)
  • Blue Lagoon on Overtoom (Closed October 2016)
  • Vondel on Overtoom (Closed October 2016)
  • Greenhouse Kitchen on Haarlemmerstraat (Closed November 2016)
  • Coffeeshop Speak Easy on Eerste Oosterparkstraat (Closed November 2016)


The reopenings are the result of meetings representatives of the coffeeshop owners have held in recent weeks with the Mayor and the police. Which resulted in an agreement that if coffeeshops increase security, report all incidents and share information with the police, they will not not be closed in the event of a shooting.

However one coffeeshop will not be allowed to reopen. Coffeeshop The Power on Sarphatistraat, the victim of 3 shootings, most recently in November will remain closed. Though in the future the Mayor will not immediately close any coffeeshop that is involved in a shooting as previously was his policy.








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