UK Government To Ban Everything!

The Psychoactive Substances Act - The "blanket ban" on all psychoactive substances, except those specifically selected by the state, is set to begin in England and Wales to begin on the 26th May 2016.

Originally due to come into force on 6 April, the Psychoactive Substances Act is supposedly designed to stop the trade in legal highs and synthetic chemicals that imitate the effects of illegal. However the act does not make their possession illegal, unless your in a prison.

Home Office minister Karen Bradley when asked about the act said:

“Psychoactive substances shatter lives and we owe it to all those who have lost loved ones to do everything we can to eradicate this abhorrent trade...This Act will bring to an end the open sale on our high streets of these potentially harmful drugs and deliver new powers for law enforcement to tackle this issue at every level in communities, at our borders, on UK websites and in our prisons.”

Some substances like tea, coffee, alcohol, nicotine and poppers are exempt from the ban, though all new and many old substances will soon be illegal in the UK. Find out more about the UK Psychoactive Substances Act in our article Prohibition 2.0 The Psychoactive Substances Bill.


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