Magic Mushroom Kits

The latest innovation in the Home Grow market is, do it yourself Magic Mushroom kits. Here’s my rundown of what it’s all about.


First you have to make a choice of which mushrooms you’re after. The choices for homegrown mushrooms are Mexican, Thai and Hawaiian. For more info on what’s what, check out our Smart Low Down in the Smart section of the site.

Once you’ve made your choice, the price for a grow box ranges from 75~125 Hfl (divide by two for US $), depending on your chosen variety. Place the box in a dark space, at room temperature and mist the vermiculite / spore mix with water. Continue to spray twice daily and in about 3 days you’ll have your first crop.

When they mature, (a further 1~2 days) harvest and enjoy. After you return to reality, take a plate and place it over the top of the box, turn the boxes contents out and then replace the contents back in the box, with the side that gave you the first harvest facing down. Continue to spray twice daily and hey presto!! 3 days later your second crop. Keep repeating the turning every harvest, until the little darlings stop turning up!!!

You should get between 100g & 250g in total, from your box. Easy!