UK Demands Legal Cannabis

Hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom demand the legalization of cannabis! But will the government listen?

On Tuesday 21st of July, a petition was added to the UK Government’s petition site If a petition on this site gets over 10,000 signatures then Parliament must respond to it, if it get more than 100,000 then Parliament must debate it.

This petition is to “Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal.”

By Saturday morning the petition had 100,000 signatures, on our last check (Monday 27th July 3pm) it had over 156,000 signatures and was still growing.

This seems to speak a very clear message – a large amount of people in the UK want cannabis to be legalized! Smokers Guide UK agrees with you completely – we want full legalization of cannabis for medical, recreational and industrial use worldwide! Let’s hope the government finally speaks honestly about cannabis and sees it for what it really is, cannabis common sense, not reefer madness.

You can see and sign the petition here -