How Do Vaporizers Work?

You've probably seen a vaporizer in a coffeeshop or dispensary; probably the Volcano Vaporizer. They are a healthier way to get high but can be a little complicated if you're not used to them. Here are the basics on how vaporizers work.


Is Vaporizing Better For You Than Smoking?

As we all know, smoking is not good for you, its full of nasty chemicals and tars that are bad for the lungs and the rest of the body. Even pure cannabis joints contain some of these nasties. There's no tar, no carbon monoxide and none of the other toxins that you get in smoke. 


So How Does a Vaporizer Work?

A vaporizer doesn't burn your herb, it just heats it to the ideal level where the good stuff, the cannabinoids; THC, CBD etc, and the terpenes; the taste and smell, are released and become a smoke-like vapor. Most larger vaporizers blow hot air through the mix, and many portable vaporizers have a small "oven" that heats the herb directly.


How Do You Use a Vaporizer? Whats The Best Temperature?

The ideal temperature for vaporizing cannabis around 185°C (365°F). It's best to use a grinder and grind your weed up to make sure you it vaporizes evenly. The quality of your weed and the type of vaporizer you're using will of course have a big effect on the quality of the vapor. A good vaporizer will give you the choice to set the temperature. Different heat levels will affect the taste and type of high you get from your vaporizer. With most vaporizers you just fill the chamber and connect a mouth piece then you just wait for it to reach the temperature then you can vape away!


What's The Best Vaporizer?

There are a huge selection of vaporizers available now. From small, portable vaporizers to large desktop models. The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most popular and most well-known models, you'll see it in many of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The best all depends on what you need really, a large plug in vaporizer will give you more power and bigger hits, but is not so portable. Whereas a small pocket vape might not be the best for home use. It all depends on the person and what kind of experience they want. Try out a few different models and see what works for you. We're big fans of the VripTech, a vaporizer that you use with a normal bong. The H2Flo from FlytLab is a very effiecient portable water cooled vaporizer, great for on the go! 

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