Cannabis Shops & Coffeeshops in Haarlem

Haarlem has a great selection of coffeeshops that even many Amsterdam coffeeshop veterans don't know about. A visit to Haarlem, and a coffeeshop or two there is a great new experience for visitors to Amsterdam.

 The coffeeshops in Haarlem have a very different vibe to coffeeshops in Amsterdam, you might even find yourself the only tourist in the room. Though don't worry, Haarlem's people and coffeeshops are very friendly.

A few of our favorite coffeeshops in Haarlem are Koffieshop BirdyMaximillianWillie Wortel Indica and Willie Wortel Sativa. All are spread around the center of Haarlem, with walking distance of the train station. Click on the coffeeshop names to go to their profile page where you can read & write reviews, see the map, photos and more.

There is also a great smartshop, State Of Mind where you can buy magic truffles, herbs or just some rolling papers to keep you going on your walk through Haarlem. 

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To learn more about Haarlem check out the Haarlem section of the Smokers Guide to Amsterdam book!