Magic Truffles Safe Trip Tips & Advice From The Jellinek Clinic

A small amount of magic truffles will have a relaxing effect, but a larger amount can mean a trip. You see things differently than they are in reality. It can sometimes be very scary. Here are some tips for eating magic truffles in as safe a way as possible.

Here are a few tips to make sure your magic truffle trip is safe and enjoyable:



Only eat magic truffles if you are feeling good physically and mentally. Magic truffles can reinforce negative feelings. Make sure you are in a safe and relaxed place you are familiar with.



Never eat magic truffles alone or with a large group of people. Make sure there is always someone there who is sober and can keep an eye on you.



If you feel frightened you often think it is never going to be over or you think something in your body has been damaged. That isn’t true; that awful feeling always passes and it isn’t dangerous. If you feel frightened, look for a nice quiet spot, have something sweet to eat or drink and try to think about something pleasant.



Magic truffles change how you see reality. This can sometimes be dangerous. Do NOT go into traffic or near windows, balconies or other places where falling could be dangerous.



There are situations and circumstances where you should not eat magic truffles. Do NOT eat them if you are pregnant, take any medicine or have psychological problems.



Never combine magic truffles with hashish. There is a risk of the trip turning bad and being overwhelming. Don’t combine magic truffles with alcohol or other drugs either.



Even after the magic truffles high is over, you are still less alert and concentrated for a couple of hours. So driving is not only risky during the high but afterwards as well.



Never pick magic truffles yourself. It is hard to tell the difference between the magic truffles.


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