NOW OPEN!! Corona Virus Forces Cannabis Coffeeshop Closures

UPDATE AS OF JUNE 2020: COFFEESHOPS ARE OPEN AGAIN! Shops are implementing measures to practice social distancing, and now welcome you to visit. The Dutch Minister of Medical Care, Bruno Bruins made a national announcement at mid day Sunday, 15 March 2020, discussing the Corona Virus and the measures taken by the Netherlands government to limit its spread. That means cannabis is now going to be impossible to obtain "legally" for at least three weeks!


Coffeeshops are considered part of the HORECA (Hotel Restaurant Cafe) classification of establishments, and the government has decided to force their closure from 6pm March 15th until April 6th, 2020, though the date of reopening is yet to be confirmed.


The decision was made to reduce the likelihood of potential new Corona Virus (COVID-19) infections by limiting contact in public places and increasing social distancing.


As news spread, cannabis coffeeshops (aka dispensaries) around the entire country became inundated with thousands of recreational cannabis users and medical marijuana patients who have come to depend on the weed they procure from coffeeshops on a weekly or daily basis.


As the 6pm deadline drew nearer, many hopeful cannabis purchasers were turned away at the door and only the lucky ones who made it in were allowed to buy their maximum of 5 grams of flower or hash.


Smokers Guide will continue to report on this turn of events, and special focus will be given to the financial repercussions to the Dutch cannabis industry and even more importantly, the coffeeshop closures effect on sick patients who normally self medicate via the coffeeshop system.


Should you have any images or videos of your favorite shops closing, Contact us if you would like to contribute to upcoming materials. Credit will be given to your social media account or website. 


Stay safe and healthy!

Click here to view our SGTV video from the day of closure, and the inside lines to get in!