Coffeeshops Forced to Reduce Opening Hours due to Covid-19 Spread

Just a few months after relaxing social distancing rules in the Netherlands, the increasing number of infections force government to tighten the rules. Social contacts must again be limited as much as possible. That is why it has been decided to reduce the opening hours within all of horeca (hotels, restaurants, cafes) establishments starting 14 October 2020 at 10 p.m. New rules include cannabis coffeeshops, which will not be able to offer softdrug sales after 8pm.

What rules apply to the horeca /catering industry?

Catering establishments, including coffeeshops will close their doors from October 14 at 10 pm. All indoor dining is from this time, not allowed. Locations relying on indoor presents will close their doors for the coming weeks. Coffeeshops may offer take-away purchases until 8pm.


There are a few exceptions that apply. Food can still be offered for pick-up and delivery, but a strict ban on alcohol sales and softdrugs (cannabis) after 8pm (20:00). Hotels will remain open for staying guests; food and beverage outlets may remain open at airports after the security check, but sales of alcohol will not be permitted. 


All previous Covid-19 rules apply, as enforced on 1 July 2020. Read more about the details: AMSTERDAM COFFEESHOPS TO FULLY RE-OPEN ON JULY 1ST, 2020, WITH SEATING OPTIONS. THE NEW POST - COVID19 REALITY.


Limited opening hours are an inconvenience, but we still believe we are all lucky that shops are not permanently closed during this pandemic. Only time will tell if reducing hours will have a positive impact on stopping the spread of coronavirus. 


How do you feel about this? Will decreased opening hours increase the amount of visitors during opening times, or will more people decide to take their cannabis out? Since the weather if becoming wet and gloomy, where are people expected to consume their cannabis? It is illegal in hotels and most AirBnb's. 


So many unanswered questions in 2020. Should you decided to travel to Amsterdam, please make sure to take all safety precautions seriously, wear a mask, and follow the rules. Please be aware that as of mid October, 2020, all travelers entering the Netherlands are required to self quarantine, even if tested negative to a Covid-19 test.


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