How to Smoke Weed Without and Reduce the Smell

All forms of cannabis have their time and place, but there’s nothing quite like flower. The rich flavor; the endless wave of relaxation; the sweet intoxicating aroma whenever you lean into a bag for a whiff. If you enjoy smoking flower, there’s no real substitute. Still, there’s one huge obstacle, especially for renters, which is the smell.

Cannabis smell can be polarizing. Depending on how weed-friendly your neighbors and housemates are, it can be quite a problem for flower enthusiasts in any residential setting. It also seems like the more hostile neighbors find the smell, the keener they are when it comes to detecting it.

So, whether you are looking to protect your outstanding reputation or rental agreement, we have a multidimensional game plan for maintaining your habits at home. Here are some tips for smoking weed indoors without ever being caught.


1. Smoke Smarter

If you are looking to get high at home without any issues, then edibles are your only surefire option. You will even find property managers recommending the same at move-in. However, if you are like most people, you probably cannot go without flower for extended periods.

Even a delta 8 joint is definitely out of the question since there’s simply too much aroma going on in general, from preparing the joint, to lighting it, smoking it, and eventually exhaling the weed smoke in between puffs. A vaporizer would be perfect, but if your vape isn’t a flower-friendly vape, you should simply stick to a bong or pipe.


2. Exhale Cautiously

Technically, if weed is legal in your city, you are allowed to have it in your apartment. It isn’t illegal to have flower that stinks, even if the neighbors are bothered by it. The problem is the smoke. Avoid blowing that smoke just about anywhere.

The Smoke Buddy comes highly recommended and will likely prove to be a game-changer for you. It is about the size of a lemon and you simply exhale into one end and virtually odorless air comes out from the other end. It uses a patented filter that catches an impressive amount of smoke and odor. The best part is that it can last several months with very serious daily use.

If you want a sleeker version of the same concept, you should check out the product by Philter Labs, and while a single filter lasts half the lifespan of a Smoke Buddy, it has superior construction and lets you replace filters if and/or when they gunk up. If you want a similar device that you can replace the filer over time, the Sploofy is worth checking out.


3. Distraction Over Disguise

Immediately you realize that your apartment has a strong smell of weed smoke, your knee jerk reaction would likely be to start spraying air freshener like you need it to breathe. Due to this reason, a heavy whiff of air freshener is code for stoner activity to the average landlord.

Still, it does not mean that you should add some kind of home fragrance to your indoor smoking routine. Instead, shop for room spray like it is a Mother’s Day gift. Go for clean, sophisticated scents, not just because they are more pleasant, but because they are less suspicious than the artificial perfumes found in conventional air fresheners.

Veil has a woody, peppery spray that’s specifically designed to balance and eliminate the smell of weed. Cannabolish, on the other hand has a more forestry-wintergreen lean to its candles and room sprays. If you are smoking flower with a particularly strong smell, you should have a fragrant candle lit the entire time and spray a few spritzes of room spray once you are done.


4. Have a Back-Up Plan

Dryer sheets are your back-up plan. Keep a pack of dryer sheets around. You just never know when your Smoke Buddy will call it quits and you have to make a sploof (DIY smoke filter) in a hurry. Your greatest challenge will likely be how to deal with the smoke when you exhale into a filter if you don’t have a smoke filter. However, you can use dryer sheets to capture any escaping fumes.


5. Big Picture Solutions

The smoke is not the only thing responsible for the attention-grabbing aromas. Investing in a proper, airtight container for your flowers will help keep ambient odors at bay as well as prolong the potency and freshness of your buds. An ashtray with a cap can be a great option if you regularly smoke flower since all the mostly-burned bits, roaches, as well as cashed bowls can all contribute to the general smell of weed over time.

If you have a particularly strict landlord and/or want the ultimate safety net, there’s nothing like a true standalone air purifier that can cover all residual aromas. The Coway air filter contains a HEPA layer and it effectively clears the air of a 1-bedroom apartment within just 20 minutes when running full blast.


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