Do Delta-8 Gummies Get You High?

If you are familiar with the whole craze for cannabis products, then you also know about Delta-8. It’s a compound that can be found in the hemp plant. Just like CBD, there are many ways to consume it – you have Delta-8 hemp flowers, Delta-8 gummies, vape cartridges, as well as oils and tinctures.

One of the most convenient ways to consume it is through Delta-8 gummies. Due to the increasingly frequent comparison with a close relative, Delta-9, people are becoming more confused. That’s why there are more and more questions about whether Delta-8 acts like Delta-9 and what the differences are.

People have their doubts about the Delta-8 gummies and how they work, so let’s go through the features and explain the increasingly common question that troubles Delta-8 product consumers.


How Delta-8 Affects the Body

Delta-8 is a substance and a compound found in the hemp plant. Unlike Delta-9, it has mild psychotropic effects on the human body. Specifically, it affects the endocannabinoid system more as a support for its receptors.

Every Delta-8 product, including Delta-8 gummies, has a small percentage of THC, but there’s not nearly enough of the substance to cause a high degree of intoxication. Almost every Delta-8 product on the market is legally grown according to hemp cultivation standards, and, just like CBD, it has analgesic and sedative effects.


How Delta-8 Gummies Work

Every cannabinoid we take into our body slowly finds its way to the receptors it needs to act on after a while. When it comes to gummies, Delta-8 is ingested orally and passes through the digestive system. That way of consuming has the slowest and most even effect on the receptors.

When you eat a gummy with a Delta-8 molecule, you have to wait a while for the first effects to appear. In this case, Delta-8 acts on the endocannabinoid receptors very mildly, and the body can break down a much smaller amount of active THC.
It also takes time for the Delta-8 THC components to reach the bloodstream. It’s a slightly longer process but is more effective than other ways of consuming the product. If you ingest Delta-8 via gummies, the effects will last much longer, even though it takes a while for them to kick in.


Is It Safe to Use Delta-8 Gummies

If you haven’t tried eating Delta-8 gummies before, you probably don’t know if it’s a safe option. As with any cannabis product, you only need to do a little research and learn about the basics concerning Delta-8. It’s a natural substance obtained by oxidizing the hemp plant, and none of the components and cannabinoids from the plant are toxic to the human body.

The only time they can be toxic is if you overdose, and even then, the amount it would take to experience negative side-effects is massive. Even though you’re unlikely to overdose, you must take Delta-8 gummies in moderation and start with smaller doses.
Never overdo it because you won’t change the outcome by much and will only introduce unnecessary risks. We have already mentioned that Delta-8 gummies have a slower effect due to less bioavailability.

If you overdose, you can feel minor side effects, but those will wear off with time; you may want to consume some sugar to help you get off the high. Of course, if you don’t feel the desired effects after one Delta-8 gummy, wait a while because sometimes it takes over 40 minutes for the Delta-8 to start working. Always start slowely and test how a cannabis product will affect your body, and add more after some time.


Do Delta-8 Gummies Cause a “High Feeling”

Now that you know all the technical and safety information about this cannabinoid, let’s take a look at whether taking Delta-8 gummies can get you high. There are several ways to answer this question, but the bottom line is that a certain amount of Delta-8 gummies will make you high. However, not even close to what Delta-9 can cause. The makers of these treats will not cite this as a warning to consumers because Delta-8 has a unique effect on every human being. First of all, Delta-8 doesn’t have enough THC to cause total confusion or mild anxiety.

On the contrary, it acts as a sedative and helps eliminate symptoms of confusion and anxiety. Taking Delta-8 gummies will only cause a slight high in some people, but the experiences of most people consuming Delta-8 gummies are very positive. They say that it evokes sensory sensitivity and helps them be more focused and energetic.

Always remember that cannabinoids do not work the same on every person. It doesn’t matter if they are consumed over oils or gummies, and that’s also the case with Delta-8 gummies. It will cause a slight feeling of high, but not in the way that traditional marijuana does. When in doubt, always check with a medical practitioner before trying any cannabis products. As with anything a person ingests, some may react differently than others. 


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