Oregon Legalizes Recreational Marijuana!

If you live in Oregon, from July 1st 2015 you can legally grow and smoke cannabis!

The sound of lighters striking and bongs bubbling hits the morning air as Measure 91 goes into effect in Oregon after winning the vote with 56% earlier this year. This act allows limited amounts of cannabis to be grown, sold and consumed by all people over 21.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will regulate commercial grows and sales of recreational marijuana. They can tax, license and regulate commercial recreational marijuana operations. However they do not regulate the home grow or personal possession provisions of the law.

 Measure 91 allows for:

  • POSSESSION of up to 8 oz of cannabis flowers or leaves in the home, 1 oz on your person
  • GROWING 4 plants per residence for personal use, grown out of public view
  • LICENSING for commerical growers, processors, wholesalers and retail stores
  • USE of cannabis allowed in private only, not on public property

This new legislation does not affect the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

At present cannabis and cannabis products can be shared or given away, but not sold. House Bill 2041 creates a tax structure for recreational marijuana that would begin January 4, 2016. This would introduce a 17% tax on retail stores.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission estimated revenue for the next two years to be to $18.4 million. That revenue would come from application and licensing fees and the sale of recreational marijuana.

The tax would go towards:
40% to Common School Fund
20% to Mental Health Alcoholism and Drug Services
15% to State Police
10% to Cities for enforcement of the measure
10% to Counties for enforcement of the measure
5% to Oregon Health Authority for alcohol and drug abuse prevention


From all at the Smokers Guide - enjoy your first legal toke Oregon!


To find out more about the law you can read Measure 91 and HB2041 online. 

Link : www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Pages/default.aspx