Cannabis In Israel - The Rolling Stoned Headshop

Israel is not normally known for headshops, but this great little shop in the center of Tel Aviv has a great range of smoking products, books, gifts and a great staff....

We spoke with Nadav in this quick video, asking him what he thought of Amsterdam and what his favorite coffeeshop was during his recent trip. Israel has one of the most advanced research programs on medical marijuana in the world, yet the decriminalization (or legalization) of cannabis is still far off from being a reality.

With positive marijuana initiatives rising around the world, let's hope the Israeli gov't soon realizes there are far more important issues to deal with apart from pot prohibition! The people of Tel Aviv were friendly, open and warm hearted during our visit. With great weather, beautiful people and a booming nightlife, it is a wonderful party city to visit.

Located on one of the city's main drags (the Dizengoff), and within 10 minutes walk from the Mediterranean beach front, this shop is worth a look if you are visiting Tel Aviv.

More videos with the Rolling Stoned crew to follow...Take a look at the link below for more info!

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