The Law On Growing Cannabis In Amsterdam & The Netherlands

Throughout the world the penalties for growing marijuana range from the ludicrous to the banal. The rules have changed considerably over the last couple of years with regards to growing cannabis in the Netherlands. We would like to thank the small-minded French government for this. We suppose its easier for them to blame us than to face their own issues.


Listed below are the latest penalties for being caught growing cannabis in Amsterdam & the rest of The Netherlands.

Number of Plants Legal Punishment:

  • 0 - 5 No fine but your plants may be confiscated.
  • 5 - 10 First Offense: 25 euros fine per plant.
  • Second Offence: 35 euros fine per plant.
  • 10 - 100 65 euros fine per plant and/or half a day in prison per plant.
  • 100 - 1000 125,000 euros fine and/or 2-6 months in prison.
  • 1000 +- 125,000 euros fine and/or atleast 6 months in prison as well as 2 years on parole.