Cannabis a superfood? World famous Nutritionist David Wolfe on Amsterdam Coffeeshops, CBD and Tobacco in exclusive interview

Smokers Guide TV asked David Wolfe, a superfood guru, about his expert advice on cannabis.

David Wolfe was a special guest at the Chocolate Club party at Club Lite, organized in Amsterdam on November 14, 2014. After performing the amazing Cacao Ceremony - Invoking the Cacao God, Smokers Guide TV had a chance for an exclusive interview.

We were curious to know what a highly respected American nutritionist had to say on the topic of cannabis, CBD oil and tobacco, and his positive feedback came as no surprise! He spoke about his personal experiences, and what his mother used to say on the topic. David Wolfe lists his favorite Amsterdam coffeeshops and talks about his favorite plants. 


It may be surprising to some to hear that a globaly renowned health expert is so cannabis friendly, but to us it makes perfect sense!

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