Hemp Ain't Just For Hippies!

Amsterdam hosts an array of hemp product shops, offering various items ranging from lingerie to boots, and anything in between, all made from the greenest of the green plant.... Hemp!

Hemp has been used throughout history, with a strong resurgence in the 90's. There is a worldwide political argument about the differences between Marijuana and industrial Hemp. Modern research has produced seeds to grow new varieties of plants with a very low THC content; the industrial standards being 0.3%. Most commercial hemp strains are now below this.

Another plus is that seeds now produce more uniform stalks making mechanized harvesting more efficient, allowing for the large increase in the production of Hemp products that are now available. Hemp oil can be obtained from the seeds; reducing our reliance on petroleum-based products. Hemp makes great textiles and the stalks can be used to make paper; lessening our need to cut down valuable forests. All in all: Hemp can save our planet!

Industrial Hemp

Before you whinge about the high price of quality hemp products, you should take into account the added bonus that you are contributing to a positive "green cause".


Hemp's Roots In History

The history of industrial hemp goes back more then 8000 years. All over the world industrial hemp has been used for its strong fibre and nutritious hemp seeds.



Holland Got Rich From Hemp

Dutchies have always been fond of hemp. With all the ropes needed to sail the seas in the 1600's, hemp rope was a serious commodity. In fact, when New Amsterdam (now New York) was established hemp paper was used as the currency.


"It's All Good, Man ... "

Industrial hemp fiber (made of the stalk) is very strong and flexible, therefore industrial hemp is very suited for ropes, rigging, canvas and other commercial textiles. Industrial hemp pulp (meaning all leftovers) are used for paper, building material, insulation material and in the manufacturing of biodegradable plastic.


Industrial Hemp Seeds

Industrial hemp seed oil is famous for its high level of unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 & 6. (meaning no negative fats) and therefore excellent for food and body care. The delicious nutty-flavored hemp seed oil goes perfect with muesli or as a base in homemade salad dressing. Hemp seed oil-based body care is famous for nurturing and protecting damaged, sensitive, dry skin and hair.

Industrial Hemp And The Environment

Industrial hemp is one of the fastest growing, low cost and environmentally friendly natural resources available. Hemp can be grown in almost every climate. It can produce 10 tons of raw material per acre, per season . The amazing 30+ cm deep hemp plant root system breaks up overworked, compacted soil. In doing so, it helps retain moisture, making previously infertile soil fertile again, quickly with little effort.


What a plant! Eat it, wear it, rub it on yourself...

To see a huge variety of hemp products, stop by Hempworks in the city-center.