Champs Trade Show Las Vegas was all win!

Champs Las Vegas 2015 was one of the highlights of the year so far. The turnout of glass blowers and industry leaders was awesome. Add to it, the warm desert days and action filled nights and it’s easy to see why it is growing every year.


Vegas is not only hot, it's fertile for a marijuana movement.


Located in the heart of Las Vegas and right off of The Strip, the Las Vegas Convention Center is a great venue for a show like CHAMPS. Huge ceilings and large loading area outside provided a good backdrop for networking and displaying the latest cannabis and smoking products.



It was really cool how the expo was set up around the focal point; GLASS. The glass blowers who were competing had a great “stage” that stretched out in a large rectangle facing outwards to display the beautiful artwork being created.
This setup allowed the viewers to walk around the artists as they worked their magic, torching and stretching, and blowing and pulling, and cutting and more…


Champs Death Race


It was a great way for glass blowers to showcase their art and personalities to the public. Another nice touch was the Death Race glass competition, that pitted handblown glass chassis on radio controlled cars in a sort of demolition derby. The entire area was cordoned off by large plexiglass walls so that the crowd could get a good view of the action. Our personal fav was Dan, proudly pictured below. His ride stopped moving early on but managed to stay intact while his competitors smashed each other to bits!



At the end of the race, a few of the participants decided to toss their embattled vehicles up into the air, only to return crashing down to the cement with a painful earful of shattering glass.


Cool Products, as Far as the Eye Can See

There was a large amount of vaporizers on display, some very new and exciting and some of the same ol shit from China. :(
Among the exciting new entries to the smoking and vaping market was the E-njoint, from our compatriots in the south of Holland. This cool new product has been sweeping Europe by storm over the last few months and now that it has hit the shores of the US, it shows no signs of slowing down! Click here for more on the world’s first electronic joint.


Another one of the fine new products we loved was the MouthPeace. It is EXACTLY the type of product we health conscious smokers and tokers love to use… and promote. :) The brothers who created this product are really nice guys and we bet they will have many more new “must have” items in the near future.

Our friends from Flyt Lab were here for this one, showing off their new line of portable WATER vaporizers and dab tools. We have yet to demo one of these but that will be coming soon.


The People Who Came to Champs Were Champs


There were certainly some characters at Champs, ranging from the lovely Onya Cox and her cannabis influenced dominatrix and burlesque act to the ever gracious host chef Jeremy Cooper and his VIP parties. Combine this with the many locals who turned up and you can see why the party was rockin and the whole week carried a great atmosphere.


Overall the Champs fair had the feel of a business to business expo with a twist! There were a lot of social things going on and there were also a lot of deals being made. The mix was nearly perfect. In the world of cannabis, the lines can be blurred a bit a more, but the balance we found here was correct.

We can’t wait for the next Champs; it looks like a great time for all! Check out the reviews or leave your own here.


Watch the SGTV trailer of Champs Trade Show Las Vegas 2015:




CHAMPS Glass Games PART 1 - International Trade Expo Las Vegas USA - Smokers Guide TV


CHAMPS Glass Games PART 2 - International Trade Expo Las Vegas USA - Smokers Guide TV



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