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Schieweg 83
2627 AT Delft

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The e-njoint™ - disposable is a 100% legal electronic joint, allowing people to enjoy a variety of flavors, relaxing, while expressing themselves in a unique way.

Gathering with friends, socializing in cafes and bars, enjoying a water pipe like experience in a healthy way. The e-njoint™ - disposable is the latest trend on the market.

The electronic joint contains no nicotine, tar, THC or toxins. The e-njoint™ vaporizes natural Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and 100% biological flavor, harmless and safe components that’s vaporized into water vapor.


E-NJOINT B.V. is an innovative design and manufacturing company with its head office in Delft, The Netherlands and its manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China. They distinguish themselves by providing constant innovation and unique designs of electronic vaporizing products.

Hundreds of e-cigarette and shisha products are being marketed worldwide, but they are all the same, nothing new, just a different color or dimension. E-NJOINT B.V. has a a different vision: They are unique and come up with new designs and technologies. They don’t copy products, we invent them…
E-NJOINT B.V. manufactures products complying with western standards.

The management of E-NJOINT B.V. clearly states, not to market illegal products nor does it want to stimulate smoking cigarettes or other bad habits. The E-NJOINT™ team solely desires to provide high quality, unique and above all, fun products for the end-users.

All E-njoint™ products are patented worldwide and E-njoint™ is a registered trademark. Trademarks and Logo's are owned by E-NJOINT B.V.



  • 100% Legal
  • 100% Organic
  • 100% THC Free
  • Cool Designs
  • Various Flavors
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21st Century Joints

A big fat joint with a green glowing cannabis leaf on the tip. How could you not like that! I tried some of their focus moodchanger and found it a bit like the effect of a cup of coffee, looking forward to trying a few more of their cool products, especially the fill-it vaporizer, which looks awesome. All of... Full details