Cannabis Controls My MS - Patient Profiles: Penny

Penny Fitzlyon, 52, uses cannabis to treat her Multiple Sclerosis. Here she shares her story.

"It took 2 years of testing but by 2001 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was put on opiates as pain killers, it was then recommended that I took another opiate as anti-inflammatory. I got severely constipated and then was given yet more medicine to get my bowels to work. In 2003 I had a second MRI and over heard a nurse saying it wouldn't be long before I was going to need a wheelchair. I mentally freaked. It was not the MS making me moody or constipated…

I looked up all of my prescribed medication and was horrified at just what it did in the long term. While looking up drugs I read about cannabis. It has over 5000 year medical history and has never killed anyone. Thanks to a talk at Hounslow branch I found out of a place near Kings Cross. I had to get a letter of diagnosis from my doctor. In 2004 I finally had the courage to visit. I was advised to drink a pinch is sea salt in a pint of water daily (which I still do). There are numerous ways of using cannabis from mixing with tobacco and smoking, different kinds of pipes, tinctures, and ways to eat it. I've found vaporising extremely useful. It took me 9 months to come off the opiates and now I'll only use cannabis. 

My neurologist now thinks my MS is in remission. I've got control of my bladder and bowels, found my sense of humour and can do my house work and shopping. I have been pushing for medical cannabis to become legal. There are 60 incurable diseases it can help without the patient being made to be useless. I've learnt to laugh at the ms. Laughter is a much better way of giving it attention then tears. It is now my brain lodger. It's still there but it has calmed down. It was very there and doing scary things when I was on the opiate prescriptions.

The 'recreational' users only use it for its side effects, getting stoned. You do not get stoned while it is working medically. In the morning I feel like a rusted gate where movement is painful, cannabis seems to oil the rusty areas and I can then do things like putting my hands above my head so I can put jumpers on. I couldn't do that for years. ."


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