6 Tips For First-Time Medical Marijuana Patients

Recently, there has been a growing interest in the marijuana plant. This is made possible due to the various pieces of research and studies made available concerning its potential benefits. That’s why there are already various states and countries becoming more legally lenient towards marijuana.

If you’ve encountered articles that display the said benefits of marijuana, then you may be curious about trying the plant itself. However, you may have some concerns and questions regarding its usage, given that it’s still your first time consuming this plant. To have such questions is completely acceptable for a first-time user. This is because, just like any booming industry, you still have plenty of things to know regarding the plant.



As a start, it’s best if you understand the nature of cannabinoids and their effects. When you ingest cannabis, which is another term for marijuana, there’s a transmission of cannabinoids to both your body and brain. These cannabinoids, which are the chemical compounds present in the marijuana plant, bind to either your CB1 or CB2 receptors. At writing, there are over 100 cannabinoids discovered, but both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most scrutinized by researchers.

Generally, both THC and CBD give a relieving effect to your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for plenty of bodily functions, such as pain, eating habits, metabolism, anxiety, as well as growth and development. This is why consuming marijuana is famously known as giving you the ‘munchies’ as well as pain relief.

However, even though THC and CBD have somewhat similar effects, both still possess some crucial differences. For one, the latter doesn’t induce any psychoactive effects. Thus, consuming CBD alone won’t give you the ‘high’ and euphoric feeling associated with marijuana.


Tips For First-Time Medical Marijuana Patients

Now that you briefly know about what marijuana, in general, provides to your body, it’s now time for you to know some important things to consider when consuming the plant. Here are some tips for first-time medical marijuana patients like you to remember:


1. Get A Medical Marijuana Card

Since there are still strict rules regarding the distribution of marijuana, you can’t simply purchase this product without proper verification. This is why the first step in consuming marijuana for medical purposes is to get a medical marijuana card, in areas where one is required. While some countries prohibit any use of marijuana, others allow it for medical, or even recreational use, so make sure to check your local laws. 

To get marijuana cards in Maryland or in the state/country you’re in, it’s important to first talk with a healthcare provider. Essentially, the healthcare provider will assess if you’re certified for medical marijuana.


Usually, doctors will give you this card if you have the following conditions:

• Epilepsy
• Cancer
• Glaucoma
• Crohn’s Disease
• Seizures
• Chronic muscle spasms

It’s important to also remember that the requirements to get a medical marijuana card may differ from each state. Hence, also check with your state’s requirements so you can obtain legally obtain a medical marijuana card.


2. Start With Low THC Levels

When you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, it’s important that you select one that has low levels of THC. Not only is using a higher amount (usually more than 0.3%) is illegal, but starting low may allow you to set your expectations. Since it’s your first time, starting with a higher THC dosage may result in unwanted psychoactive effects, paranoia, tremors, and dizziness, all of which may constitute a frightening experience.

Always start low first, then gradually increase your dosage; this also applies to the CBD levels. However, it’s important not to overly abuse marijuana, but find the ideal dosage for your condition. It’s best to talk to your doctor regarding your dosage so you can get the desired effects.


3. Know How Much Cannabis to Consume

Now that you’re warned about the possible side affects of consuming too much THC, the next question is, how much cannabis should you consume? There’s no universal answer to this since the amount of cannabis varies for everyone. This is because of the fact that some people may be sensitive to cannabinoids, while others require a huge dose to start feeling the effects.

As pointed out above, for you to find the amount of cannabis to consume, it’s best to start small. Then, assess how you feel after consuming the small amount. If you didn’t feel any effects, start increasing the serving size until you feel your desired effects.
In addition to your doctor, you can also ask for guidance from any staff members of your local dispensaries. Since they’re somewhat an expert on consuming marijuana, they may be able to give you valuable insights. But, essentially, it’ll all boil down to how you feel.


4. Choose The Right Strain

There are two types of ‘high’ you can experience from marijuana, depending on whether you consume cannabis indica or cannabis sativa. The first one is known as a relaxed type of high, which patients suffering from physical injuries seek. This type of high is caused by the indica category. On the other hand, the other type of high may boost one’s creativity and artsy side. This is the sativa category. If you want the relaxing effect brought by cannabis indica and the creative inspiration by cannabis sativa, you can opt for the hybrid type, which contains strain.


5. Ask The Right Questions in The Dispensary

You may feel uneasy and out of place when you go to a dispensary for the first time. Additionally, you may get confused with the variety of strains available. Fortunately, going to a dispensary for the first time may become easy when you have the right questions.

Here are some questions you should ask when it’s your first time in the dispensary:

• Do you have any recommendations for a first-time user?

• What type of strain will help best for the condition I’m experiencing?

• What is your best-seller?

• How will medical marijuana affect my health?


Any reputable dispensary or even an online shop with great customer service will be glad to answer your questions. Also, they may even provide some great recommendations that are suited for the condition you’re experiencing.


6. Method Of Consumption

After knowing the right type of strain and having the confidence to go to the dispensary or purchase from an online shop, it’s now time to decide on the method of consumption. Conveniently, there are plenty of ways you can consume marijuana, so you’ll surely find a method that you can easily incorporate into your routine.


Here are some popular ways to consume medical marijuana:

• Smoking

• Dabbing

• Vaping

• Eating

• Topical

• Via Suppository

• Transdermally (patches, cosmetics, bath salts)


Final Words

Now that you know some important things to remember when consuming medical marijuana as a first-time user, it’s still best to do your due diligence, such as smoking in areas where it’s legally allowed. Also, make sure that you always follow your doctor’s guidelines. If they tell you to decrease your dosage, then you should heed their advice.


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