Marijuana vs Cigarettes: Weed Over Tobacco, Any Day!

As we all know by now, the world war against tobacco has officially begun. Official figures show an estimate of 3.5 million people dying yearly from tobacco-related diseases around the world! Governments are passing new laws, disallowing tobacco companies to advertise; cigarette packets scare us with consequences of smoking and anti-tobacco campaigns (supported by the WHO) are spreading the truths that smoking tobacco is not
only unhealthy but also un-cool.

The anti tobacco movement would imply that tobacco mixed joints will become scarcer. Considering that the tobacco in mixed joints is the real danger, we hope to see a move to use cannabis in a pure form, perhaps from a vapouriser or waterpipe to reduce lung damage. As all EU members, the Netherlands has updated its law and officially joined the anti-smoke war. The changes have been made to protect all non-smokers, including bar and restaurant employees from the dangers of inhaling second-hand smoke.

The official smoking ban kicked in on July 1st 2008, forcing all public buildings, workplaces and hotels to be fully free of smoke. Bars, cafes and coffeeshops are allowed to create special smoking zones with separate ventilation, for smoking tobacco. Expect these parts to be selfserve in order to protect employees from second-hand smoke. Coffeeshops still allow smoking joints, as long as they are not mixed with tobacco. Terraces and outdoor spaces will remain smoker friendly until further notice.

Remember that all proper hotels are smoke-free, however you may choose a smoker friendly place. Some are relaxed enough to allow smoking on your balcony or roof terrace. Several larger bars and cafes around town have invested in adding smoking zones. Let us explain what to look for:

You will come across different types of stickers, marking places that do or do not offer a smoking zone:

1. Geheel rookvrij (100% tobacco-smoke free, no smoking zone)

2. Rookvrij ruimte (establishment offers separate smoking zone)

3. Roken toegestaan (sticker marking the smoking area)


There are many nice places with divided tobacco smoking areas, such as Bluebird, Kashmir Lounge, Prix D’ami and Rookies, or bars like Smoking Bull, The Wonderbar(s) or Coco’s Outback.

But in a place like Amsterdam, who needs tobacco?!?

Our advice is to quit tobacco NOW ! Throw the ‘cancer sticks’ away, before YOU get forced into a cramped smoking area! With the money you save per year by not smoking, you can buy a plane ticket to Amsterdam! Believe it or not, most of the S-Guide Crew are “smokers”, but we are all happily tobacco-free!