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Dosist brand Dose Pen

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Dosist brand Dose Pen
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Dec 29, 2019


 This is a 200 dose pen from Dosist, it is the arouse version and it cost $60 from the eaze delivery service.  This is a 10-1 THC to CBD ratio with a total of 369.5mg of THC and 39.5mg of CBD total weight in the pen.  


This is a pretty slick looking pen.  It just has the name and the version printed on it.  You can see the oil reservoir and there is no button.  


The smell is mildly sweet but nothing too strong.  


The taste is mild as well.  Some terpenes are added back to the oil so you can definitely taste them but it is not overally sweet like some of the other "flavored" cartridges I have tried before.  


The effects are definitely mild.  Perfect for the person looking to micro-medicate throughout the day.  For my own needs, I had to take 4 or 5 hits before I felt anything.  



Overall, this is a really cool device but definitely has a tiny bit of a gimmicky feel to it, which some might not like but I do.  It is nice to beable to just inhale and know that you are getting a precise dose each time.  There is a small amount of vapor that comes out so no cloud to worry about.  These used to be $100 for the 200 dose pen which seemed a little pricey, but when they lowered it to $60 i thought it was definitely worth a try and I was right.  Just enough to take the edge off without being overpowering.  I would definitely recommend trying it at this price.  

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