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Eaze is a home delivery service available in multiple locations throughout California.  

Eaze has a constantly changing menu and solid customer service. If you live in California, they will deliver to your door! Delivery times reported by Eaze users indicate that you can have your medicine in as soon as 30 minutes from ordering online!


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  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Oil
  • Edibles
  • Free Delivery
  • Home Delivery
  • Marijuana
  • Pre-Rolled Joints
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Medicated Candy
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There are 40 pieces in the tin (2mg) per, which with my average edible consumption (about 10 mg per sitting),... go

I think for the price these are very reasonable (40 servings at 2.5mg of THC each) for the quality.  I... go

Overall, for a non-smoking high, I was very pleased with this product.  Good taste, mild effects and a... go

Overall I enjoyed really this.  Nice flavor and a GREAT effects for the price. And definitely a cool... go

I am definitely pleased with this cartridge.  Won't use it for the nighttime but works well and was... go

Overall for the price this was a good deal unfortunately the flavor was the only down side.  A little... go

Overall for the quality, price and flavor I would definitely recommend them.  Well worth the $35 for... go

Overall I am really happy with this cartridge.  Very reasonably priced, great flavor and Pax... go

Pax seems to have gotten it down with its interface.  And this Jetty Cartridge for the Pax Era is much... go

I am glad I expanded my horizons but this was definitely not my favorite cartridge.  If I was given one,... go

While I was a naysayer to begin with, I can confidently say that Guild Extracts Cherry Jubilee is a winner!... go

Overall, I thought this was a pretty decent cartridge.  Price is in line with their competitors and at... go

This is one of the more unique products I have come across in some time.  They looked just cool enough... go

  Overall, this is a really cool device but definitely has a tiny bit of a gimmicky feel to it, which... go

I don't like the throwaway battery aspect but otherwise for the convenience and the $29 price tag, I was... go

I am always wary of pre-rolls for a lot of reasons.  Overall, I think these are the best of the bunch... go

At the end of the day, sometimes, I am LAZY and don't feel like rolling a joint. Having a pre-roll handy is... go

These were definitely a fascinating project.  Con is they are pricey.  $40 for just an 8th. ... go