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Atlas Pomegranate Green Tea Infused Beverage Mix

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Atlas Pomegranate Green Tea Infused Beverage Mix
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Mar 19, 2020


 I purchased this from the Eaze Delivery service for $6 not including tax.  


It is a small packet that when opened contains a couple of tea spoons of a redish powder.  


It smells vaguely like pomegranate but is mostly neutral.  


I was very pleased with the taste of the product.  It was sweet but not too sweet and had a nice tart taste that I appreciated.  



I had it on a full stomach and I am happy that I did! The effects were pleasant, a little heavy behind the eyes which I was surprised about since it was only 5mg of THC, but the entourage effect must have come into play here and made it a little more potent.  


Overall, for a non-smoking high, I was very pleased with this product.  Good taste, mild effects and a reasonable price.  And I didn't have to hurt my lungs to enjoy it :-)  Definitely worth checking out! 

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