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Kiva Confections Petra Infused Mints

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Kiva Confections Petra Infused Mints
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Aug 7, 2019


 These are a pack of Cannabis mints from Kiva Confections.  They cost $16 (not including tax) and I got them from Eaze delivery service.  


These mints have a yellowish-orange color to them.  


When I put my nose in the container it definitely has that candy pineapple scent.  There is just the faintest hint of cannabis smell to them.  


They definitely taste like pineapple candy.  They have that slight taste of Xylitol and stevia which is the main flavoring ingredient since they are sugar free.  


I started off taking four (a 10mg dose).  The package clearly states to take one mint and wait for 2 hours.  But I felt such a small dose would be wasted on me since I have a bit of a high tolerance for edibles.  After about an hour I felt a mild buzz with a slightly heady feeling.  Definitely not too overwhelming and that is a good baseline for me if I want stronger effects I can take a couple extra.  


I think for the price these are very reasonable (40 servings at 2.5mg of THC each) for the quality.  I usually prefer stronger edibles but when you need to microdose with no worry of a smell or anything like that, these would be right up your alley.  Friendly for diabetics who need no sugar edibles.  Overall, I would say check them out :-) 

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