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Island Lemon Wreck Pax Era Catridge

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Island Lemon Wreck Pax Era Catridge
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May 4, 2018


 This is an Island Brand Lemon Wreck Cartridge for the Pax Era vapor pen.  It was purchased from the Eaze delivery service on sale for $45 but was normally $55.  


The oil has a very golden color too it.  Reminds of fresh beer brewing grains.   


There is not much of a noticeable smell which is probably for the better :-)  The vapor cloud was light so it is a little more discreet I think.   


Definitely has that lemony flavor to it! Lemon candy with that hint of cleaner aftertaste which I have found to be a common theme with lemon cartridges I have tried before. 


After about 4 hits I was pleasantly stoned.  Very mild but weirdly potent at the same time.  Nice and focused, perfect for the morning time.  Went well with my morning coffee.   


I am definitely pleased with this cartridge.  Won't use it for the nighttime but works well and was definitely a good value (though I would try to wait for a sale) compared to different cartridges.  I will be sure to try other island cartridges when they become available as they had several options to choose from.   

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