Initiative 300: Too Close to Call

Coffeeshops and vape lounges coming soon to Colorado?

If you missed it, Denver Initiative 300 would allow for four-year pilot program in which a business or individual to apply for a permit to allow cannabis consumption in a designated area on their property for adults 21+. Specifics to the initiative include stipulations that said spaces would comply with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, prevent exposure to secondhand smoke, are not within 1,000 feet of a school, and cannot be visible from a public space, or anywhere children gather (i.e. parks, etc.). The program would require staff training for all licensed spaces and would be monitored by a task force created by the City Council. 
At present, members of the campaign have stated that the ballot count is still too close to call and it could take as long as Monday until cannabis users and Denver resident have a result. On Thursday, The Denver Post reported 51.1% (113,773) in favor of passing the initiative and 48.8% (108,760) opposed.