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Lucky 420 PreRolls

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Lucky 420 PreRolls
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Apr 10, 2018


 This was a pack of 7, 100% pure cannabis pre-rolled joints bought on sale for $20 (normally $40).   


The paper is white and the "non" filter (which still looks like a filter, just not in the traditional cigarette sense) is black.  There is a little bit of freshly green bud poking out of the end.     


There is a slight bit of skunkiness mixed with floral but nothing to write home about.   


The taste is one of the odd parts... It tastes vaguely reminiscent of a cigarette... and not necessarily in a bad way... especially for those who like to mix a wee bit of tobacco in with their herb.  I can't help but think it has something to do with the paper.   


The effects were pleasant. These were a Sativa dominant strain and the high carried on with a definite "heady" quality to it for a good hour or so before wearing off.


At the end of the day, sometimes, I am LAZY and don't feel like rolling a joint. Having a pre-roll handy is always nice. This was definitely an odd experience for me with pre-rolls. For one thing, there is the flavor profile I mentioned above (not necessarily a bad thing) and the scent on your hands (usually not a good thing).

I wonder if they were made 6 months ago has something to do with the sale? The bud still looked plenty fresh!
Then there is the (what I think is) oddly and heavily detailed trading card/sticker in the pack with no explanation as to why it is there. Finally the fact that it smoked and looked like a cigarette! I think I would buy these again but only in the right mood and if they were on sale, but I am fascinated by the trading card... so who knows! :-)

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