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Heavy Hitter Malibu OG Cartridge

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Heavy Hitter Malibu OG Cartridge
Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Aug 7, 2019


 This is a Heavy Hitter Brand Malibu OG .5 gram cartridge. I got this for $60 (not including taxes) from the Eaze Delivery Site.


The oil had a nice blond color and it is the first time I have seen oil that is "Cold-Filtered".  


When I hit it, the vapor had a nice fruity smell to it.  


The smell carried over to the taste, very mild and a little on the sweet size.  


I was pleased with the effects.  A clean high for an indica, not super stoney and pretty functional.  


Overall, I thought this was a pretty decent cartridge.  Price is in line with their competitors and at 87% THC I certainly cannot complain.  Unfortunately I had the bad luck after using it for a couple of days that I dropped it and it shattered so I had to throw it out :-( Still worth a shot! 

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