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Cloud Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

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Cloud Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
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Apr 10, 2018


 These are medicated (approx 2mg per piece) dark chocolate espresso beans from Cloud.  They were purchased from the Eaze delivery service for $15.    


They Look like the standard dark chocolate espresso bean.   


Along with the look, they have the standard smell of a chocolate coffee bean.  They have the faintest hint of something canna, but it is very mild.   


The chocolate is sweet and a little bitter which is what I would expect.   


 I was pleasantly surprised by the impact of 5 of these beans.  It took about an hour and a half before they kicked in (on an empty stomach).  But once they did, it was one of those sort of "uh huh" moments.  Like, "why are my eyes starting to feel a little funny, and if I sit still my mind starts to drift"... I was definitely feeling something! Lasted for about an hour and then I felt fine again.   


There are 40 pieces in the tin (2mg) per, which with my average edible consumption (about 10 mg per sitting), provides for about eight doses these seem like a decent deal for the price.  The fact that it features delicious Four Barrel Coffee is a nice (but apprecaited) novelty.  Since 5 beans did a nice job delivering a buzz for me, I suspect more people could get by with 2-3.  Ideal for microdosing, I would definitely recommend these products!   

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