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Grav Sativa Electric Pre Filled glass joints

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Grav Sativa Electric Pre Filled glass joints
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May 7, 2020


 This a  very interesting product that I had to try from eaze.  It is a collection of 7 half gram pre-filled joints enclosed in glass tubes.  It cost $40 for the whole pack.  


When you open up the container you see 7 of these glass tubes surrounding a glass joint holder with a silicon grommet attached.  


Once you pop the the rubber stopper off of one end of the glass tube you get a really great piney smell with hints of sweet.  


They have a wonderful smell of pine.  Definitely a fan of them! 


I was definitely nicely high from just smoking about a third of one of these!  Perfect for the backyard, had me stuck in my chair ;-)


These were definitely a fascinating project.  Con is they are pricey.  $40 for just an 8th.  So you are definitely paying for the tech.  But these were definitely worth trying out.  The herb is top notch and the high is awesome!  In addition the glass on glass is just a really nice feature.  This was a really well thought out product! 

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