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Gilt Dab Tabs 10. pack (.5 gram total weight)

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Gilt Dab Tabs 10. pack (.5 gram total weight)
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Aug 7, 2019


 This product is known as a DabTab and has a half gram (.5) total weight of THC spread (we assume evenly) between 10 small tablets the size of a small pill.  According to the box, each stone has approx. 30mg of THC in it of a strain called The Hog.  It cost $35 (not including taxes) from the Eaze delivery service.  


These dabtabs look like very unassuming pieces of a clay like substance.  Upon taking them out of the container, they are dry to the touch.  


Since the dabtabs are advertised as basically the oil being infused into the ceramic, I was not expecting much of a smell.  I was pleasantly surprised that they have a nice mild bud like smell with a hint of pine.


The taste was mild but definitely had more of the piney flavor than was on the nose.  


A really pleasant mixture of a mind and a body high.  Definitely solid for 67% THC but not overly stoney feeling.  I was still very functional.  


This is one of the more unique products I have come across in some time.  They looked just cool enough to try so I did.  I think the cool factor of a concentrate that is dry to the touch and not messy at all and doesn't need to be refridgerated is pretty awesome by itself in my opinion.  I was skeptical as to how they got the oil in but I would have to say it definitely worked!

I got a 6 decent size hits dropping it in when the banger was at 500 degrees, once the rock starts bubbling (usually within about 30 seconds).   After those hits, it look like the piece in the middle, a little darker brown.  The piece on the right was in the banger while it was heating up so I suspect that is why it was darker. The piece on the left is the brand new piece.  

I am definitely happy I tried this product.  It is a really coold design and pretty innovative.  It can be used with a variety of vape/dab rigs and no mess to clean up.  Some shops have recycling programs or if you don't want to wait, just throw them in with your potted plants and they will replace the perlite.  Though, remember to use the included tongs, those little suckers are hot! :-) Great Product! 

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