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Guild Extracts Cherry Jubilee Shatter

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Guild Extracts Cherry Jubilee Shatter
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Aug 3, 2019


 I got this for $19 (not including tax) from the Eaze Delivery Site. 


This had a nice Amber color, reminding somewhat of a particular dinosaur movie where a certain bug was discovered inside it that had something in it that could be used to re-create dinosaurs (you get the idea ;-).


The smell, for better or worse, was lacking. I have had some concentrates that smell horrible, others smell lovely.  This was very neutral.  


I started to get a little concerned that this may have been a dud because when I hit it, it tasted like almost nothing.  Literally.  I could not remember the last time that I had a concentrate tasting that clean.


I was rewarded though when it came to the effects.  Wow!! This creeped up really slowly but had a really pleasant stoney effect on me for a good hour and a half.  


While I was a naysayer to begin with, I can confidently say that Guild Extracts Cherry Jubilee is a winner! Great price, quality product and an awesome high! Would definitely buy again :-) 

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