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Jetty Sour Tangie Pax Era Cartridge

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Jetty Sour Tangie Pax Era Cartridge
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Apr 10, 2018


 This is a Jetty Brand Sour Tangie Cartridge, registering at 88% THC purchased on sale for 50% off (normally $60) from Eaze delivery service.  


The oil in the cartridge has a very light golden color.   


The smell of the vapor when released has a mild citrus smell to it but it is not overly what I would describe as "fake" or "candied" citrus like some other cartridges are.   


I was a little concerned at first that the Tangie flavor seemed to be totally undetectable on my tastebuds.  However, after 5-6 hits, the flavor definitely started to come through and it was super clean tasting (to go with the smell).   


Hi was very pleasant, exactly what I would expect from the Tangie Strain.  I did get a few hits that were pretty big and caused the high to go from mellow to far more cerebral, but that was short lived (maybe 20-30 minutes).   


Pax seems to have gotten it down with its interface.  And this Jetty Cartridge for the Pax Era is much better than the one I tried for a regular oil pen.  The downside is that since Pax has got you locked into their equipment they can charge what they want, and I don't know if I would purchase this cartridge again if it was not on sale.  Overall though, I  am definitely not dissapointed.   

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