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NATIV Rosin Pax Era Cartridge

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NATIV Rosin Pax Era Cartridge
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May 4, 2018


 This is a NATIV Brand Rosin Cartridge meant for the PAX Era Vapor Pen.  It was purchased from the Eaze delivery service and cost $35 on sale, normally $65.  


The Vapor cloud was noticeable but not as substantial as the couple of other cartridges I have had with the PAX.   


There was not much a of a noticeable smell with this cartridge.  


Unfortunately this was my least favorite part and the big reason for the lower review.  It definitely had an odd taste too it.  Almost tasted like slightly wet grass.  It could be that I had the temperature turned up a little too high which contributed to the odd flavor.   


I was pleased with the effects, only problem is it took multiple hits to feel anything.  Once the effects kicked in though I was pleased.  Definitely a mellow high with some mild visuals.  More sleep inducing than I would have thought.  


I am glad I expanded my horizons but this was definitely not my favorite cartridge.  If I was given one, I might try it a little again otherwise not worth $65 for one.   

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