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Mar 3, 2009


Nepalese Hand-rubbed hashish.


This stuff is soooo gooey and yummy looking, I just wanted to pop a piece in my mouth and chew it up. :) It is hard to describe how pure and clean this hash is; you would have to see it in person to understand. If you break it up and spread it thin with your fingers, you will notice the lighter creamy-structured interior has no sign of contaminants whatsoever. No Hair, no earth particles, nothing but lovely Nepalese hash made from a very flavourful Afghani-Nepalese plant strain. One point to note: When rolling this into "spaghetti style" not too much oil is lost on your fingers like most dark hashes. This is the exact type of hash that I prefer to roll; not too wet yet just soft enough to twist up.


When you take it out of the bag, the strong scent of pure hash verifies the quality. There is something dark and lovely about the finer Nepalese hashes; they are almost "spiritual" in nature. When you light up, the hevy smoke rides the air like a greyish-blue veil.


The flavour is a further extension of the look and smell: First of all, it is so clean and pure that all you get is a fresh minty-spice taste. (I can't stand most dark hashes that have even a hint of something other than sticky plant resin.) This stuff is spicy and rich. Not too peppery, more sweet than normal with a lovely mint flav.


The FX are typically "dark hash" with a twist; you feel an immediate buzz hit you and you know that you are in for a ride. This feeling rises within and you are "dropped off" on a high plateau with a wonderful vista! You feel a strong head rush which adds to the feeling of "flying". What I liked even more was being let down easily after the FX started to wind down... Nice.


This is certainly one of the best dark hashes I have seen in Amsterdam for a while. It is like a rare treat these daze and I am very happy that Kadinsky has such a quality smoke on the menu. Pop by for some great gear and take it across the way to their alcohol bar for a top evening out!

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