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Brown Sugar

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Brown Sugar
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Feb 26, 2008


Moroccan Super SUPER Polm!


Oh, now THIS is what I'm talking about when I say that Amsterdam still gets the best hash in the world to choose from! It doesn't take much to see how lovely this layered piece of North African gold is... What the picture doesn't say though, is how incredibly soft and oil-rich this piece was!


Before you get it up to your nose, there is such an intense smell of cocoa and mint, you can easily imagine how flavourful it will be. The smoke is rich and spicy when even the smallest pieces are lit by a flame.


The flav is right... so right. There is no "dirt" in here at all. It burns easily and cleanly...


I always like to smoke a hash like this before I hop into a hot bath with a cool book to read. The FX of the hash don't make me "doo-lally" so I am still able to concentrate on what's needed but I am also taken to a seriously relaxed state of being.


The slices of this hash could be served on a silver platter! Even with the many good polms in town the Kadinsky has a winner in this Brown Sugar; it is simply delicious and the price is reasonable.

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Rosmarijnsteeg 9
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